*for adults

*for adults

These sessions are designed to help you to understand your own female cycle patterns better and live in tune with your menstrual cycle making use of your energy more sufficiently. I guide you through a process of inviting and implementing holistic practices into your life that are suited to your life and cycles.

Would you like to:

  • Self - heal your relationship to your female reproductive anatomy

  • Live life in tune with your menstrual cycle

  • Feel whole and grounded as a person

  • Design a holistic practice that is suited to your life and cycle

  • Feel vital and use your energy more sufficiently

  • Establish balance in your life

  • Understand physical, mental and emotional patterns better

  • Change habits and old patterns that don’t suit anymore

  • Get emotional support and coping tools in a process of recovering a health condition connected with your female reproductive anatomy 


To support your healing I blend a number of practices within my skill- and experience range including holistic counselling, meditation, feminine spiritual practices, menstrual cycle awareness, yoga & bodywork, massage & mindfulness

Perfect for those who are:

  • Taking steps to heal themselves, but want more guidance and advice

  • Needing someone to support your process and reflect your progress to feel supported and safe

*These sessions don‘ t substitute professional medical advice.
They are intended to give you a holistic perspective of the mind-body complex and support your own healing journey

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1 session: £50 pounds single session (60 minutes)

1 session + check- in: £60 (60min + 20min check-in)

3 sessions: £160 (including 1 check - in)