When we learn to see our female bodies as sacred vehicles for the journey of our souls, our health improves on all levels
— Christiane Northrup

What is holistic health?

We are not just body, but a complex web of mind, emotions and spirit. To feel whole and grounded as a person we gotta tend to all the layers to bring invite wellbeing and healing. Holistic health is: how you tend to your body (movement, exercise), what you put into your body (food, air, etc.), how you deal with your emotions and thoughts, in short: how well you digest life itself and how you relate to yourself and others.

As this is a complex yet simple task I use a variety of tools encompassing Elemental & Women’ s* Health Yoga, Meditations, Nutrition and creative exercises in my events & mentoring sessions.

Why do we need to empower female reproductive anatomy?

Female reproductive anatomy, in contrast to male reproductive anatomy is largely hidden inside our bodies and throughout HIStory was mystified, shamed or ignored. Time to change this and get informed through practical knowledge and the experience of our own beautiful bodies to reclaim personal power and free expression in the world.

People with female reproductive anatomy live largely out of tune with natural cycles that used to shape our ancestor’ s day. As modern people we face great challenges in life that are often overwhelming and the connection to these natural cycles can - and definitely taught me- to achieve a better day to day balance.

Learning about myself holistically helped me to:

  • Self heal painful periods and cervical dysplasia (abnormal cells on the uterus)

  • Design a holistic practice that is suited to my life

  • Feel vital and use my energy more sufficiently

  • Establish balance in my life inside and outside

  • Understand physical, menstrual and emotional patterns better

  • Have immensely pleasurable sex & relationships, know when I am fertile or not

  • Change habits and old patterns that don‘t suit anymore

  • Live life in tune with my menstrual cycle and find my power as a woman

  • Self- heal my relationship to myself




1:1 Cycle Empowerment Session

These sessions are designed to help you to understand your own female cycle patterns better and live in tune with your menstrual cycle making use of your energy more sufficiently.

Online or in person

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1:1 Reproductive Health Sessions

These sessions connect and support your bodies to heal and regenerate naturally or empowering you in the process.

Online or in person

I feel blessed to have met Friedel and have attended two of her workshops. She is very generous in sharing her experience, wisdom and resources and is able to facilitate an environment which promotes honesty and openness between the group members. I would recommend her highly and hope to attend more of her sessions.
— Joana, UK

Courses & Workshops

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Sacred Female Architecture, Totnes/UK Spring 2020

This 5 week journey is a gentle introduction that blends Women‘ s Health Yoga, self- love practice, breathe & gentle ceremony and other creative tools that can help you connect to your sacred female architecture hosting pelvic bowl, uterus, ovaries, cervix, heart etc. and starting or supporting a journey towards self - healing and self- love.

Next up: Spring 2020 - please stay tuned here or sign up for te newsletter to receive updates


Past Events

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