When a girl understands her body and what it is doing then she can grow into a woman who trusts her body and cherishes it for the miraculous creation it is

A Celebration Day for Girls

A This program is designed to lead girls (9-12 years old) through a process of learning about their bodies and understanding puberty in a fun and empowering way. We are a dedicated space for you and your daughter to share stories, ask questions and connect through being creative together and having lots of laughs along the way. We encourage your girls to feel a sense of ease and trust in their body as it changes. This really can have far-reaching and positive effects in their lives.

Knowledge is Power!

This programme has run in Australian schools for the past 10 years as part of their health and personal development curriculum, it’s been introduced to schools around the UK since 2012. (and focuses solely on menstrual health)

Activities of the day

• self care practices

• mindfulness exercises & movement

• Exploring emotions and feelings

• Art’ s & crafts activities & storytelling

Give your daughter the tools to

• help her understand and cope with changes in body & mood

• grow emotional resilience

• make informed decisions

• promote confidence

This workshop is run in small groups in various locations across the UK and worldwide. We warmly welcome schools or individuals to contact us.


What participants say

My daughter is so enthusiastic and feels proud and confident and can‘t stop talking about what happened during this day. Such a huge change from the apprehensive daughter I dropped off in the morning.
— Iona, Mother
Discussing periods with strangers was going to be the most embarrassing experience ever, but the day was fun, I learnt a lot and I really enjoyed it in the end
— Lilly, Daughter

Upcoming Celebration Days

We are in London and Totnes - get in touch!

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Contact us if you want to organise a CDG in London

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April 2020 in Totnes

Join us for the only Celebration Day in beautiful Devon with Friedel Fink & Noura Alfadl

3/4 April 2020 in Totnes


CDG Tasters for moms

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With running workshops for adults and young girls I experience the immense joy of inspiring for a positive body image, emotional resilience & a growing self-esteem and therefore freedom of expression. I am inspired to do this work by the girls and many strong women in my life.
— Friedel Fink

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