Donation for Girl' s Empowerment

Donation for Girl' s Empowerment

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Donate to support our Puberty Education program.

Thank you so much for supporting this cause by donation as little as you can and as much as you’ d like. SIMPLY ADD THE PRODUCT TO YOUR CARD AS MANY TIMES UNTIL YOU REACHED THE AMOUNT YOU’ D LIKE TO DONATE

The cause:

I am a facilitator for the World Wide Puberty Education Program for girls aged 9-12 "A Celebration Day for Girls". Our aim is to empower girls knowing and loving their bodies and growing into confident and resilient women. Also we love to normalize experiences around menstruation in our society.

Menstrual education work is still stigmatized by the negative images around periods that our culture is holding.

Your donation goes to advertising costs and course materials that make our Celebration Day even more beautiful. To promote our activities locally here in the UK we' d like to publish an interview in a women' s magazine informing on what we do, why and how. The magazine has a charge to publish articles that I can not stem on my own right now. Your donation helps!

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