Cycle Journey - Meditation Package

Cycle Journey - Meditation Package


Hi Dear,

I put this journey package together in the hope to ease your way into practicing body-mind and menstrual cycle awareness in the comfort of your own home. It includes four guided meditations (+1 extra) to connect you to the four phases of your menstrual cycle, supports your self- love and self - healing journey in a gentle way and helps you to dive deep intro relaxed, embodied experiencing.

Your meditation package includes:

1 - “Comforting & Soothing Body & Mind” - for Menstruation (20min)

2 - “Power Column” - for Pre-Ovulation (20min)

3 - “Love for Heart & Womb” - for Ovulation (20min)

4 - “Tension Release through Breathe & Mantra” - for Pre-Menstruation (7min)

+ EXTRA: “Breast Massage for Self Love”

This is how it works:

After Purchase you will receive a download link for your meditation package and instructions. You can listen to the meditations in the suggested time of your cycle or whenever it feels right for you. If you are new to meditation and awareness practice, don’ t worry: the meditations are easy to follow. After all: it is a journey, there is no right or wrong but always potential for discovery. Enjoy!

Any questions? Get in touch

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