Releasing emotion in healthy ways

In my bodywork and massage practice, I observe that people carry a lot in their bodies: emotions, unhealthy patterns, stress, imbalances and a loot of tension. Often without being aware of it at all. We don’ t need a lot of this stuff though and can easily feel lighter, more relaxed and balanced.

Animals have natural in - built mechanisms to release tension and stress from the body: they tremble, breathe and rest naturally. Humans do to, but are culturally very very early on in childhood told to surprise this “strange behaviour”. Surprise: we are animals too and have these mechanisms to release. Now people, with the gift and curse of a mind, can say to themselves for a very long time "suck it up!" or “Get on with it!” and until really really really stressed "It’ s nothing!”

How often did you suck it up?

How often did you say “It’ s nothing”?

How often didn' t you release your anger, sadness or grief?

There are no “bad” emotions or “wrong” emotions - they just need to find a healthy outlet.

How ofte did you not listen to the signs that your body so generously gave you and popped a pain killer that surpressed everything for a while or had the pint that made the pain go away (for a bit)?

But really once a lot of tension accumulates, people can start experiencing mental health issues, burn out or other diseases of body and mind. Therefore it is necessary to release tension on a daily basis.

We need to get in touch with our bodies in order to release
that tension, stress and accumulated emotion.

Only by working with the body and releasing from the body eventually brings relief. It’ s like taking a giant broom and cleaning through all of your interior, and afterwards it’s clean and shiny and there is new space to create great things like projects, ideas and so on.

Just like a tense muscle

This is why we do Yoga, Tai Chi, Chi Kung, bodywork & energy work practices and massage. Just like a tense muscle we need to relax until it/ we are soft and in a state of receptivity again. Learning practices that help you to move these unneeded and unwanted stress-energies out of the body is essential and achievable. 

I have found that allowing feeling to move through me is one of the most powerful tools. To have a good cry, scream, allow time for grief and sadness. If you have a good body worker/ massage therapist that you trust, ask if he/ she can support you in releasing emotions. Allowing you to cry or release sound can be part of it. In my Chi Nei Tsang bodywork sessions I encourage this - as they are a great way to release in a safe, non-judgemental space.

In my Yoga practice I allow my body to shake or twitch and most important of all: TO RELAX. I stopped pushing myself in ways I don’ t find helpful to my body or go over the limits that it experiences. I started being kind to myself. You can too - every day!

I am curious to hear your ways to release emotions from the body - so please feel free to start a conversation below.

Much love,