First steps to connect to your body

I am feeling the impact of female disempowerment wherever I walk. I am feeling it strongly. And I am feeling it even stronger in a time of declining physical/ mental and emotional energy- my pre-menstrual time. When it is more difficult for me to hold the weight of the world, injustices and inequalities. I am feeling triggered!

What do I mean with female disempowerment?

In this moment while I write, I mean the impact that everyone with a menstrual cycle experiences, living and working in this world where it is expected to keep on working, pushing through, “delivering” the same results at all times. A system that is laid out for people who don’ t experience a monthly cycle (traditionally refered to as “men”). The menstrual cycle that ironically begins with “men” as well but refers to the greek “monthly” isn’ t just the bleed, period, menstruation, moon time (whatever you’ d like to call it). The menstrual cycle consists of different phases. Many natural healing modalities identified 4 phases: Menstruation, Pre-Ovulation, Ovulation and Pre-Menstruation.

Not honouring when we need rest results in imbalance: in the body, in working and personal relationships and on a bigger scale in the world where women still receive lower wages than males and many inequalities are present on a daily basis. People are more prone to experience strong spiralling emotions, low energy, frustration, anxiety, depression and burnout. We can not give to ourselves, nor to others in these states or struggle all the way through. Coffee and other recreational drugs to “keep going” or “relax”weeken the bodily systems further, so do painkillers just “cover” a condition that can be addressed with sufficient rest and connection practice.

So how to have more energy?

How to access your power?

I know because I have experienced it in my own life, that the menstrual cycle holds the wisdom. Now when we as people with a menstrual cycle learn to connect to these different cycle phases, to feel them in our own bodies- it is hugely empowering. It was for me- It is for me month and month again. I am feeling so grateful to experience the changes in my energy and happily go with the flow. Great ways to get a feeling for the distinct phases is to start charting your cycle. Buy a menstrual calendar, moon chart and start jutting down how you are feeling in body, mind, emotions each day. Note your energy levels, note what you eat, your libido, specific life events and you will find patterns after charting for some time.

I love Pellar & Pollen’s moonlog that I use to daily jut down my energy levels, life accurances, libido, life experiences, etc. Founder Hayley Anderson is a Herbalist & Practicioner of the Fertility Awareness Practice which also helps you to get in touch with fertility signs throughout your cycle.

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On the book fron: read all the books by Lisa Lister, read “Red Moon” and “The Optimised Woman” by Miranda Grey and get your nose into “Wild Power” by Alexandra Pope and Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer. I highly recommend “About bloody time” by the Victorain Women’ s Trust.

Meditation & Awareness Practice

For me meditation and awareness practice helped me a huge deal in getting this connection with myself going on a daily basis. In the coaching work I do with people who experience cycles the focus is on the daily check-in with yourself and instead of changing who you are, totally embracing what is present. This is the magic of cycles.

This Is why I have prepared a meditation package for you to connect to the menstrual cycle:


In hope of changing the world one period at a time and to end the disadvantaged positions people with menstrual cycles are exposed to in their work and living environments.

Have a smooth start connecting to your menstrual cycle or continued practice. You can purchase the package here in my shop.

Much love,

Friedel Fink