Magnificent Mermaids Podcast #2 Cervical Healing

The Magnificent Mermaids podcast introduces women who make things happen.

Their projects & ideas reach from activism in feminism, spirituality, sexuality, equality & social change through very different means. All have the common goal to promote free expression. Hopefully their ideas & stories inspire you as much as they inspire me.

Episode #2 with Denell Nawrocki from Cervical Wellness

Denell is an integrative health & wellness guide, speaker and medicine women with a strong interest in women‘ s health. In this episode she introduces us to the magic of the cervix* and guides us through an inner journey of our „sacred female architecture“. Why is it so crucial to connect with the cervix? How can I heal myself from HPV & cervical dysplasia? And how can our partners assist us in our process of healing?

Find these questions answered by someone who has been there and gives you the sex- ed you‘ ve never got.

Cervical Wellness Website: