Magnificent Mermaids Podcast #1 creating peace between the genders

Magnificent Mermaids introduces women who make things happen. Their projects & ideas reach from action in feminism, spirituality, sexuality, equality & social change through very different means. All have the common goal to promote free expression. Hopefully their ideas & stories inspire you as much as they inspire me.

Magnificent Mermaids Episode 1: “SexyesandIwantedlove”
with Friedel Fink (host) & Sabina Rademacher (guest)
Intro melody by Rita Braga:

Sabina Rademacher is a cross-cultural relationship coach from Germany currently living in Portugal. She is running the educational Youtube channel “sex yes- and I wanted love”. In this very first episode we talk about her project, why sex education is so important and what all that has to do with creating peace between the genders.