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In post-socialist Germany the culture of „not talking about things“ really shaped my experience as a young girl –
It installed in me a deep desire to communicate openly and understand what‘ s really going on inside and outside

Bio Friedel Fink

2018 Facilitator Certification "‘A Celebration Day for Girls’ with Jane Bennett

2017 500h Yoga and Meditation Teacher with Swami Vidyananda & SriMa Yoga School, Auroville/India

Women’ s Yoga & Leadership Teacher Training with Sofia Araujo & Atira Tan

2016 Abdominal Massage Certification with Blue Garden Chiang Mai/Thailand

2015 200h Yoga Teacher Training Certification (YAI) with Sofia Araujo & J. C. Salt

2013 MA Scenography (Exhibition- Stage Design)

2011 BA Interior Architecture

The Seed of Yoga

My holistic journey started in an attic of a Berlin community house practicing Ashtanga Yoga in 2010: back then with the only purpose to keep my body fit and beautiful. I struggled a lot with stress and anxiety during my student years, driven by existential fear of the future, life purpose and low self- confidence. I didn‘ t had the tools at all to deal with life and felt imbalanced in my daily life and relationships. A friend gifted me a breathing course with „THE ART OF LIVING FOUNDATION“ where I for the first time started connecting with my breathe and on a deeper level with my body-mind complex. The seed of ongoing study and practice of the 5 elements, Chinese Medicine and food as medicine was planted in my Elemental Yoga Teacher Training 2015. I felt that the 5 elements gave me everything I needed in order to balance my body, a hyperactive monkey mind and my emotions that I have always felt intensely. Volunteering at New Life Foundation in 2017- a mindful recovery community in Thailand- enhanced my interest for mindfulness practices.

Roaming the World

I started solo travelling the world when I was 18, learning about different cultures, powerful places in nature,  practices and ultimately loads about my own inner workings which is of course a continuous process. Living in Portugal started my volunteering carreer on permaculture farms and associations in the fields of sustainability and community work. It was there that I started to share my passions around vegan/vegetarian cooking, creative practices and self care with kids and adults in three languages and cross-culturally.  

Female Leadership & Girl’ s Work

Growing up as a girl there was a lot of confusion around my body image. In 2017 I took a female leadership course: an introduction to sacred female spiritual practices, learning about my own menstrual cycle and deeply about cycles in nature. Ultimately this was the key to understand my seat of power, my strength and my true nature that is full of beautiful potential to create goodness and magic in the world. Learning to embrace all these parts of myself is the biggest gift.

Sharing this with the younger generation now is an amazing privilege.


The World of Peace Patterns