One of the best aspects of Friedel’s teachings is that she allowes the space for personal recovery and self-discovery, while supporting the whole process.
— Briony Boykew

Daoist Healing Touch - Abdominal Chi Massage (Chi Nei Tsang)

Chi Nei Tsang literally means „working the energy of the internal organs“. This massage is an ancient form of abdominal massage of Daoist chinese origin. It helps the body to release tension, detoxify, energise and nd inner balance. This holistic approach uses breathe, gentle massage and movement of Chi the „life force“ as tools to bring awareness into the organ systems of the body - one of the most powerful way to balance Chi ow in the body & restore vitality.

Some Benefits

  • Deep relaxation

  • Cleanses off toxins in the body and excessive heat

  • Improves digestion and elimination

  • Reliefs the body of emotional stagnation

  • Most effective against sciatica, headaches, back pain, constipation, bloating and stress related disorders

  • Stimulates lymphatic and circulatory systems

  • Strenghtens the immune system & enhances resistance to disease

  • Helps to correct postural problems as results of visceral imbalances

Benefits for people with female reproductive anatomy

  • Helps to regulate symptoms of PMS, irregular and painful periods

  • Supports hormone regulation

  • Relaxes


Please Note: I can not massage you in case you are pregnant (at any stage), if you had an operation in the abdominal area or if you currently have inflammation in the abdominal area.



1.15h Massage: £45 - £70

1.5h Massage: £50 - £80

2h Massage: £60 - £100

Longer sessions are possible on request

In all of my experiences with Friedel, she was incredibly warm, confident and nurturing. Her attention to details and her kind demeanour allowed the environment for deep healing and unforgettable practices.
— Briony Boykew

Holistic Organ Support Program

Includes Yoga Asana, Abdominal Massage & Nutritional Consultation:

1 x 2h Session: £80 - £120

2 x 2h Session: £130 - £180

3 x 2h Session:

*Liver, Kidney, Spleen, Intestines

  • The sliding scale is intended to give those an opportunity to benefit from the practices that need them and to give a little more for those possible


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