*for adults

*for adults

These sessions are designed to connect to and heal your bodies naturally, and empowering you in the process. These sessions are for you if you are experience difficulties and challenges, or are effected by one of these female reproductive health conditions:

  • cervical dysplasia (abnormal cells on the cervix)

  • challenges around the menstrual cycle, painful or absent periods.

  • Fertility, IVF & sexual dysfunction

  • Pelvic pain

  • Hormonal issues

  • Polycystic ovary syndrome and cysts

  • Endometriosis


Or maybe you:

  • are looking for emotional or psychological support whilst in treatment of the above

  • you want to talk to someone to talk to before/after a „gynecological interference“

  • are curious and ready to deepen the connection with yourself

To support your healing I blend a number of pracrtices within my skill- and experience range including holistic counselling, meditation, feminine spiritual practices, menstrual cycle awareness, yoga & bodywork, massage & mindfulness.

Each session is customised to your needs. As a coach/mentor, yoga & meditation teacher with a vast experience in women‘ s health & leadership trainings and feminine practices I customise an integrative approach to support your needs and desired outcomes. I guide you through a process of inviting and implementing holistic practices into your life that are suited to your life and cycles. 

Perfect for those who are:

  • Taking steps to heal themselves, but want more guidance and advice

  • Needing someone to support your process and reflect your progress to feel supported and safe

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1 session: £50 pounds single session (60 minutes)

1 session + check- in: £60 (60min +20min check-in)

3 sessions: £160 (including 1 check - in)

*These sessions don‘ t substitute professional medical advice.
They are intended to give you a holistic perspective of the mind-body complex and support your own healing journey.