In all of my experiences with Friedel, she was incredibly warm, confident and nurturing. Her attention to details and her kind demeanour allowed the environment for deep healing and unforgettable practices.
— Briony Boykew

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Body-Mind Awareness

Yoga & Meditation

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Holistic Health

for people with female reproductive anatomy

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Girl Empowerment

Puberty education programs


Abdominal Chi Massage

Visceral and emotional release of the inner organs


Upcoming Workshop

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Women’ s Health Sessions for Wellbeing @ Lotus Loft Exeter

“EMBRACING SOFTNESS- Pelvic Yoga, Yin Yoga, Mindfulness & Holistic Gentleness Practice”

This s a perfect opportunity to connect with the quality of GENTLENESS - a trade that every single one of us has access to!

We will explore how to access and bring gentleness in our physical experience during the Yoga, and into the way we talk to ourselves - practices of meditation and the mind- to be more compassionate & unjudgemental. Gentleness needs to be practised if we are not used to giving this gift to ourselves! In life, we need to be able to be active, but we also need to relax so our bodies, minds and nervous systems can rest and rejuvenate.

The session is accompanied by Pelvic & Yin Yoga, Mantra practice and fun Mindfulness exercises for everyday life.

Price: £35
bring a friend and only pay £55 for the two of you,

bring 2 friends & pay £90

Concessions available for teenagers & students


Keen to get a sample of what I do?*

*for people with breasts